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Build a DataScienceStein Today to Fill Your Data Scientist Needs

The McKinsey Global Institute has recently determined that by 2024, the demand for data scientist will exceed supply by 253,000 jobs. Organizations will need to find new approaches to finding data scientists due to the high demand, low supply economics of the talent pool. This will lead to a situation of the ‘haves’ versus the ‘have‐nots’, where the larger, financially rich organizations in the ‘sexy’ industries are most capable of attracting and hiring data scientists, while the lesser companies will have to make do without one.

One approach to consider is building the data scientist function out of a team of people currently on staff or readily available in the marketplace, also known as the ‘DataScienceStein’ approach. This is a proven approach used for years by analytics functions and firms which will enable to organization to cost effectively implement a data science function with long-term potential.