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Discovering Your Leadership Superpowers and ‘Origin Story. MiraMed Focus, 6(3), 1&4


5 Points About Leadership That Get Past the Clichés and Highlight What’s Real. HFM Magazine

The Case for Measuring Leadership Growth Across 9 Dimensions. HFM Magazine

The Challenges of Implementing Healthcare Analytics. Arab Health Magazine, 5(2019), 34

Discovering Your Leadership Superpowers And ‘Origin Story’ On the Journey to Becoming an Effective Leader. HFM Magazine

Rethinking Leadership Development Utilizing a Personalized Approach. Beckers Hospital Review

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The Innate Qualities of Professional Leadership. MiraMed Focus, 3(4), 20-23.

State of Population Health Analytics. MiraMed Focus, 3(2), 1-7.


Need a Data Scientist? Try Building a ‘DataScienceStein’. Predictive Analytics Times

The Secret Top Executives Know About Healthcare Analytics. MiraMed Focus, 2(4), 10-13.

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Top Challenges to Analytics in Healthcare? Not Technology. HealthData Management

Process: The Neglected Continuum in Healthcare. HIMSS Future Care Blog

Leadership Skills Needed for a Successful Data Enablement TransformationHIMSS Future Care Blog



Overcoming the Radblocks to Data Enablement. HIMSS Future Care Blog

Big Data Needs Big Three to Succeed. HIMSS Future Care Blog

Why Healthcare Big Data is a Big Deal. HIMSS Future Care Blog

Healthcare Big Data is Déjà vu All Over Again. HIMSS Future Care Blog

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The Time Definitely is Now. Making EMR Easy Newsletter, December 2010

Ten Reasons You Should Choose Allscripts MyWay for Your EMR Solutions. Making EMR Easy Newsletter, October 2010

Who Can You Trust With Your EMR Decision. Making EMR Easy Newsletter, August 2010

The Allscripts-Eclisys Merger: A Real Game Changer. Making EMR Easy Newsletter, June 2010

Real Reasons Healthcare Providers Need an EMR. Making EMR Easy Newsletter, May 2010

Think You Can’t Afford an EMR; Guess What…You’re Already Paying For It. Making EMR Easy Newsletter, April 2010

Don’t Be A Victim of Tricks By EMR Vendors. Making EMR Easy Newsletter, March 2010

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Creating Customer Value in a Down Economy. Biz Insights Newsletter, Second Quarter 2008


A Business Intelligence Program is a Necessity Not a Luxury, DM News Guide to Lists Database Marketing and Data Services

When a Pair of Twos Beats Four Aces. Biz Insights Newsletter, First Quarter 2007


Data Centricity Leads to Customer Centricity, DM News

Six Myths about Business Intelligence. Biz Insights Newsletter, Fourth Quarter 2006

The Importance of Adding a Data Strategy to Your Business Strategy. Biz Insights Newsletter, Third Quarter 2006

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