Prescribing Leadership in Healthcare

Prescribing Leadership in Healthcare:
Curing the Challenges Facing Today’s Healthcare Leaders

The rate of change in healthcare is staggering. Now, more than ever, we need leaders who are well-versed in all aspects of leadership. Unfortunately, the skills that made healthcare leaders successful in the past may not be enough to be successful in the future. Managing change requires a very special set of skills. Project management, lean six sigma and other change processes all identify leadership as a key critical success factor. In fact, a recent study by the Healthcare Center for Excellence revealed that lack of leadership was the greatest challenge to implementing healthcare analytics. More alarming was the fact that those in leadership positions did not recognize their role in the change management process.

However, what is billed as leadership development today is usually focused on leadership as a skill. It actually is a process that must be prescribed and practiced every day using the same approach taken by professional athletes worldwide for decades. The one-size-fits-all approach to leadership development offered by other programs doesn’t consider an individual’s personality and capabilities. You can’t learn ‘skill x’ one day and expect to be a better leader the next. True leadership growth requires ongoing development and feedback.

Prescribing Leadership in Healthcare includes the results of interviews with healthcare executives, business executives and sports champions. The book is based on the proprietary 5-step Professional Leadership Program which personalizes leadership development based on an individual’s innate qualities and strengths. It is designed as a continually improving process to help leaders develop and adapt a personalized leadership vision and philosophy for utilization in their daily leadership routine. The program creates better leaders by incorporating the most often overlooked steps that research indicates are essential to better leadership development.

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Sample Book Reviews

“Professor Bennett has a thorough and compelling leadership process that he
shares in Prescribing Leadership in Healthcare. The lessons and practices he
shares will make us all better leaders and most importantly, will directly
benefit those patients and families we serve.”
David Feinberg, Vice President, Google Health

“The book was an excellent read and provides pertinent and relevant
approaches to some of the most challenging aspects of healthcare leadership.”
Johnese Spisso, President, UCLA Health & CEO, UCLA Hospital
System, UCLA Health System

“In today’s ever-changing healthcare environment Prescribing Leadership in
Healthcare is an invaluable resource, full of practical advice and keen insights,
for health care leaders at every stage of their professional journey.”
John Couris, President and CEO, Tampa General Hospital

“Bryan Bennett is one of those authors and leaders who is exceptionally
inspiring to many of us every day. He is very gifted and persistent and
visionary. In many ways his inspirational leadership and remarkable personal
strengths remind me of certain other mentors and leaders I’ve had that have
inspired me. I highly recommend hearing Bennett speak and reading and
following his leadership book. He is a remarkable person. The world needs
more people like Bryan Bennett.”
Scott Becker, Publisher, Becker’s Hospital Review

“Professor Bennett is a thoughtful, relevant, highly respected leader, professor,
researcher, writer and teacher. This book is absolutely well worth the read! But
don’t just read it; apply the excellent concepts and content to your work and
Dan Nielsen, Founder, Publisher & CEO, America’s Healthcare Leaders

“Prescribing Leadership in Healthcare is an inspiring and comprehensive read
from Bryan Bennett. I recommend this book to anyone in a leadership position,
as well as those aspiring to lead others. Reminding ourselves that leadership is
a journey, and that we should all be constantly reflecting on our service to
others are just some of the many lessons from this book. You can love being a
leader, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to work at it – even the best leaders
constantly reflect on how they can improve.”
Todd Nelson, Director, Partner Relationships and Chief Partnership
Executive, Healthcare Financial Management Association

“Think of Prescribing Leadership in Healthcare as a road map necessary for
unprecedented growth in the ambulatory surgery industry. This book is an
essential tool for all leaders to help establish and develop a great culture. The
qualities of a leader that Professor Bennett outlines (Humility, Empathy, Vision
and Risk-Taking) are right in line with my own journey into a leadership
position and most importantly holding it. Professor Bennett also explains that
these qualities can’t be faked as there are many possible points of failure for a
leader and an organization. He goes into great detail about the importance of a
solid foundation, articulated goals and measured progress with deadlines
necessary to achieve success. There are several new ways of thinking outlined
in this book that I’m willing to risk trying.”
Lisa Rock, President, National Medical Billing Services