Judson University

logo_judsonProfessor Bennett proves his versatility by teaching a variety of classroom and online classes for Judson University in several of their programs, including:

  • Master of Business Administration graduate school program. The classes he has taught include:
    • Business Functions
    • Managerial Accounting
    • Marketing Management
  • Master of Organizational Leadership graduate school program. He teaches:
    • Leadership Theories and Practices
    • Student Mentorship
  • Management and Leadership adult education undergraduate program, where he teaches a variety of courses such as marketing, leadership and technology.
    • Business Data Communications
    • Business Systems Analysis & Design
    • E-Commerce
    • Effective Leadership
    • Executive Leadership
    • Human Resource Information Systems (Lead Instructor and Course Writer)
    • Managerial Budgeting and Accounting
    • Marketing Management
    • Organizational and Corporate Finance
  • Human Resource Management adult education undergraduate program. In this program, he teaches:
    • Human Resource Information Systems
    • Member of the Human Resource Management curriculum advisory board.

Judson uses an online student evaluation system that ask uses a 5-point Likert scale for most questions and asks them specific questions about the course and instructor. These are some typical responses to the question:

“In what ways did the instructor contribute most to the learning process?”

I always enjoy the real life experiences of my professors and Professor Bennett had some of the best stories. He has traveled to many different countries and his knowledge is invaluable.

[He was] open during face to face about his experiences as they related to (HRIS) and the course as a whole. Appreciated his experience regarding the importance of phase containment as well.

[He] highlighted key instructions, showed a great deal of passion around the subject matter.

[He] provided concrete personal and professional examples.

Mr. Bennett actively engaged the student to look within themselves and question his or her leadership abilities. He challenged the student to identify their strengths and weaknesses and then seek to improve upon those weaknesses.

Professor Bennett was EXCEPTIONAL. He is clearly very knowledgeable in this area and was always willing to slow down and walk through problems with the class. He made sure we all knew how to reach him and that he would make himself available for any additional support anyone needed. I never, ever felt “stupid” asking a question or asking him to go over something again and again. He definitely knows his stuff.

Having us get in groups and solving a problem together and then putting it up on the board, so that people can see the steps and understand it.

[Professor Bennett] was very patient in the beginning, allowing us to help each other during the first class meeting. This ensured we were all on the same page to begin with.

The professor had a vast knowledge of the subject and offered to help outside of class

The instructor provided examples in class.

[Professor Bennett] did an excellent job at explaining the case studies step by step.

Prof. Bennett was delightful and we enjoyed our class with him.

Professor Bennett did a great job of engaging with us on the discussion board.

I was nervous and overwhelmed at the sound of this course, but Professor Bennett made this class much more interesting. Great Professor, I have had him before and truly enjoy his teaching philosophy!

[Professor Bennett] brought a lot of real life examples into the lectures which made them much richer. His use of humor was welcome and his genuine concern for student’s success obvious.

[Professor Bennett] was very responsive; one of the best instructors to respond.

[Professor Bennett] contributed most to the learning process by allowing students class time to work out problems as a group and then assisting with any problems or road blocks encountered.

Professor Bennett’s genuine interest in the subject matter transcended into an enlightening learning experience for me.