The Path to Elite Level Leadership

The Path to Elite Level Leadership: The 5-Step Regimen to Measurable Leadership Improvement

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What separates a good leader from an elite one?

It’s the same thing that separates good athletes from elite athletes. Elite athletes focus on improving their craft by following a regular practice and improvement regimen.

Elite athletes are the ones who win championships, most valuable player awards and/or Olympic medals. They are the top 1% of the top 1% and receive ongoing training and development with coaches throughout their careers. These coaches are seasoned or retired professionals charged with helping them improve their already exceptional skills by providing a constant program of evaluation, development and improvement. If the best athletes in the world can have personalized ongoing development, why can’t our leaders?

It’s not just elite athletes who approach their work with this mindset. This approach to improvement is also followed by:

  • Award winning TV and movie performers
  • Award winning musicians and vocalists
  • Award winning chefs
  • Renowned artists

Why a Path? | Executives in the Book | Athletes & Celebrities in the Book

The key to becoming an elite level leader is to approach leadership the same way. That is, with a lifetime practice and improvement regimen that is refined on a daily basis.

The Path to Elite Level Leadership is your guide to learning that regimen. It’s not about following a particular leadership methodology. It’s about creating a personalized leadership philosophy that is adaptable to almost any leadership encounter you may face.

The Path to Elite Level Leadership is based on a proprietary 5-step, personalized, leadership development program which is derived from an individual’s innate qualities and strengths. The insights included are the results of interviews with executives from business, education, government and healthcare as well as elite professional athletes, Olympic medalists and celebrities. It is designed as a continuously improving process for leaders to develop a personalized leadership vision and philosophy for utilization in their daily leadership routine. It creates better leaders by embracing the most often overlooked steps that research indicates are essential to better leadership development.

The Elite Level Leadership Process™ is:

  • Unique because it is personalized to the individual’s innate qualities and strengths.
  • Proven because it is supported by years of scientific research and personal interviews.
  • Comprehensive because once learned, the process is adaptable to almost any leadership situation.
  • Measurable using our proprietary leadership assessment tool which tracks leadership improvement over time.

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