Bryan is a healthcare futurist and blogger for the HIMSS Future Care website. Below are links to some of his blog entries:

Process: The Neglected Continuum in HealthcareNovember 14, 2014
When implementing new technology, beware assuming that technology is all that matters.

himssfuturecare_logoPredictive analytics will be a game changer – eventuallyFebruary 6, 2014
The complexities of healthcare analytics present stakeholders with an array of challenges, but over time the opportunities will prevail and we will all benefit.

Leadership Skills Needed for a Successful Data Enablement TransformationDecember 10, 2013
For healthcare organizations, moving into the digital future is often viewed as a matter of getting the right IT tools in place. But leadership is a critical factor, too.

Overcoming the roadblocks to data enablement,  September 20, 2013
Many healthcare organizations are on the journey to becoming data enabled. Unfortunately, a lot of them will have a difficult time reaching it.

Big data needs big three to succeed,  August 8, 2013
All the focus on Big Data may be clouding what is really necessary and organizations are neglecting key components that will significantly improve their chances for success and improved effectiveness.

Why healthcare big data is a big dealJuly 22, 2013
Healthcare Big Data is a big deal because it can impact us all. If it is properly deployed, the potential impact on our health and our healthcare system could be immense. It will help patients, healthcare providers and even the insurance companies – all for the better.

Healthcare Big Data is Déjà vu All Over AgainJune 27, 2013
What is old in most other industries is new in healthcare.