Featured Elite Level Leader – Wendell Davis

Featured Elite Level Leader – Wendell Davis

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“Coaches have to put their team in the best position to be successful.”
– Wendell Davis
Former Chicago Bears Wide Receiver, Former San Francisco 49ers Assistant Coach & Current President of the NFLPA/RPFPC, Chicago Chapter

From the book, “The Path to Elite Level Leadership.“
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I met Wendell through a mutual friend, Bears Super Bowl Champion Thomas Sanders, who is in my first leadership book. I was interested in Wendell’s work as an assistant coach for the San Francisco 49ers and leadership with the NFL Players Association. Besides the quote in the picture, one of the most telling insights from my interview with him was “…the game will find you out, if you’re unprepared.” That should be bulletin board material for every leader and something that should be reflected on every morning and every evening. Be prepared for whatever the day may bring. Elite level leadership is a personalized leadership development program that is adaptable to almost any leadership encounter a leader may face.

I’m happy to include Wendell’s thoughts on training and coaching in my book.

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