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Call It What It Is: Anti-Blackness

I encourage you to read this masterful piece from the NY Times by my colleague and Northwestern scholar Kihana Miraya Ross on anti-blackness.

Anti-blackness describes the inability to recognize black humanity. It captures the reality that the kind of violence that saturates black life is not based on any specific thing a black person did. The violence we experience isn’t tied to any particular transgression. It’s gratuitous and unrelenting.

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Recapping 2019 Achievements; Preparing for 2020 Goals

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This has been a great year for us at the Healthcare Center of Excellence. Our distinctive approach to leadership development has enabled us to continue reaching people with our personalized, adaptable and measurable Professional Leadership Program. Here is a recap of some of our 2019 achievements, including:

  • We rebranded and launched our leadership training site to the Professional Leadership Academy. This site was a year in the making as we sought the right balance of look and feel versus functionality. Through this site, we were able to conduct several cohorts of our guided-study Professional Leadership Program Training, as well as several individuals in our self-study, self-paced training.
  • We began offering scholarships and subscription plans to help make the cost of our training programs more affordable.
  • The site also provided support for the 2-day onsite training course which we conducted at several organizations during the year. The Academy site provided one-stop access to the assessments and resource library utilized in the course to improve the overall training experience.
  • We completed a case study which detailed the use of our proprietary Leadership Impact Survey to measure and monitor leadership growth. This is the tool we now use in our Leadership Impact Assessment (see below).
  • We awarded the inaugural Professional Leadership IMPACT Award to Chris Van Gorder, President and CEO of Scripps Health in San Diego. This award is presented to the person who best exemplifies the principles of Professional Leadership through the impact they make in their daily practice of leadership. This award is for leaders who are making an impact in their organization, an impact in their industry and an impact in their community.
  • We signed an agreement with the Healthcare Financial Management Association(HFMA) to offer discounted leadership training to their 40,000 members. As part of this partnership, I provided the keynote presentation which kicked off the leadership track at their national conference and provide regular articles for their newsletter.
  • We began offering some of the components of our acclaimed Professional Leadership Program separately for people who want to try out the program before they make the full commitment. These include the Leadership Resources Library where we have curated some of the best online leadership articles, videos and podcasts online and Leadership Impact Assessment which we utilize in our training program to monitor and track leadership improvement. A course-only offering is coming in 2020 (see below).
  • Personally, I was selected as one of “68 African-American Leaders in Healthcare in 2019” by Becker’s Healthcare. This was the second year in a row I was included on the list. I was also interviewed for leadership podcasts by Becker’s and other organizations.

But we’re not done yet! We are looking forward to 2020 and have several goals in place to achieve, including:

  • Launching the Certificate of Professional Leadership Program which you can start the journey to earning by enrolling in Cohort 12 of our guided-study program which begins on 1/13/20. There are still a few spots left and always room in the self-study program.
  • We will be launching a series of leadership master classes. The initial roster of classes includes: Leadership Storytelling (launching 3/10/20), Reflection for Leaders and Social Leadership, with more to come later in the year. These classes are the result of feedback from previous program participants who desired a deeper dive into some of the leadership tools we covered in the class. Register early, as space in these classes are limited to provide the best interactive learning experience.
  • Nominations for 2020 Leadership IMPACT Award will begin in March. View the award criteria and begin thinking of who you would like to nominate as an impactful leader.
  • We will be conducting more leadership training with onsite classes throughout the year. If you would like a quote on a program for your organization, please submit a request.
  • My new book, “The Path to Professional Leadership,” will be published early in the second quarter. The book is a non-industry specific leadership book which will maintain much of the leadership concepts from my previous book, along with insights from new interviews with business executives, athletes and entertainers. The book is currently being used in our online leadership training programs.

We’re not done yet. Two years ago, when I asked Chris Van Gorder to write the Foreword for my book, “Prescribing Leadership in Healthcare,” I told him that writing the book wasn’t about the money, but about spreading my message about leadership. We won’t stop until we introduce more people to our personalized, adaptable and measurable approach to leadership development.

SPECIAL OFFER #1: To help get you started, we are offering the course-only portion of our popular self-study, self-paced Professional Leadership Program for only $245 and the course-only portion of our guided-study training for $336. These offers will last only until 1/12/20.

SPECIAL OFFER #2: Why spend your time scouring the internet for articles and insights on leadership when we have done that for you? Access our Leadership Resources Library for 6-months for only $90.

Professional Leadership Academy Opening

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We are excited to announce the opening of our new Professional Leadership Academy. It is the culmination of 2 years of work since I developed the Professional Leadership Process™ for my book, Prescribing Leadership in Healthcare. Soon after publication, we began developing online and onsite courses based on this leadership development approach culminating in a results-focused, process-based, continuously-improving leadership program for aspiring and experienced leaders that is adaptable to almost any leadership situation.

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Discovering Your Leadership Superpowers and ‘Origin Story’ on the Journey to Becoming an Effective Leader

  • Leaders should be on a continuous journey to discover their leadership superpowers.
  • The author’s research has identified 12 leadership superpowers, with effective leaders generally mastering at least two and knowing how to tap into many others.
  • Leaders also should be aware of their “origin story,” which sets the tone for how they will lead.

Superhero movies capture our imaginations and entertain us with ever-improving special effects and the age-old story of good versus evil. One of the most interesting components is the origin story, wherein heroes discover their superpowers and learn how to master or control them.

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Rethinking Leadership Development Utilizing a Personalized Approach

With the rate of change occurring in healthcare, today’s leaders must be well-versed in all aspects of the practice of leadership. Previous studies undertaken by the Healthcare Center of Excellence (HCOE) have indicated that leadership is the top challenge to many aspects of healthcare transformation. Managing this changing environment will require leaders to elevate their staff and organization to navigate the new maze that is healthcare. The rate of change and expectations will only expose any leadership deficiencies.

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Professional Leadership Development Training Case Study

Read about the results achieved by a hospital after implementing the Healthcare Center of Excellence’s professional leadership development program. Participants created a personalized, continuously improving leadership plan that is adaptable to almost any situation and showed significant leadership improvement within 3 months after taking the course. Read more about and download the complete case study, Rethinking Leadership Development: A Personalized Approach .

Becker’s Hospital Review Interview With Bryan Bennett (Podcast)

Scott Becker interviews Bryan Bennett, Executive Director at Healthcare Center of Excellence and Author of “Prescribing Leadership in Healthcare” for his Leaders in Healthcare Podcast series.

Leadership Origin Stories – Everybody Has One

In keeping with my theme of the similarities between leadership and superheroes (see my previous Leadership Superpowers article), I thought I’d explore this concept further by examining the relationship between superhero and leader origin stories.

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How to Use Your Leadership Superpowers (Podcast)

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Listen to my podcast interview “How to Use Your Leadership Superpowers“, on Funnel Radio, with Jim Obermeyer.

Leadership Superpowers: Discovering and Mastering Yours

In case you haven’t noticed, we are in the middle of this year’s superhero movie releases. Three movies have been released through April, with 3 more on the horizon to be released before the end of the summer. These movies capture our imaginations and entertain us with ever-improving special effects and the time old story of good versus bad. One of the most interesting storylines is the hero’s origin story where they discover what superpowers they have and learn how to master or control them.

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