2nd Principle of Professional Leadership

2nd Principle of Professional Leadership

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The 2nd Principle of Professional Leadership is “Awareness of those moments in a leader’s life that shaped them to become the leader they are.”

Leaders must know those defining moments in their life that shaped them into the leader they became. It could be successfully facing a challenging situation, a mentor who took them under their wing or sadly, a tragedy. This knowledge helps leaders understand their underlying beliefs and how they influence decisions, guide problem-solving and drive behavior.

Dave Raymond, founder of Sweet Baby Ray’s (SBR) barbeque sauce grew up in a tough neighborhood in Chicago. His survival determination helped him to take a $2,000 investment and turn it into a leading BBQ sauce. Now owned by Ken’s Foods, SBR has a higher market share than their next 4 competitors combined while Dave still operates Sweet Baby Ray’s Catering.

Nominate an exceptional leader today for the 2020 Professional Leadership IMPACT Award. This award is presented to the individual(s) who best exemplify these principles. Nominations are open until 6/30/20.

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