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HIMSSCast: What the Pandemic has Changed About Requisite IT Leadership Skills

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Leadership demands and imperatives have changed for CIOs, CMIOs and other health IT execs over the tumultuous years of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this podcast, I share my thoughts on how health IT leaders can navigate the new normal.

Progressing in Leadership by Following a Process

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Please take a look at my interview with Rollis Fontenot III from HR Maximizer Inc. on the topic of Progressing in Leadership by Following a Process.

Progressing Leadership by Following a Process

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In this session, you will learn why leadership is a process to be refined instead of a skill to be learned, as well as the importance of measuring and tracking leadership progress over time.

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Leadership Blindspots Discussion with Jay Carter

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Check out my interview with Jay Carter of Market View on blindspots leaders face each day.

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Becker’s Hospital Review Interview With Bryan Bennett (Podcast)

Scott Becker interviews Bryan Bennett, Executive Director at Healthcare Center of Excellence and Author of “Prescribing Leadership in Healthcare” for his Leaders in Healthcare Podcast series.

How to Use Your Leadership Superpowers (Podcast)

Listen to my podcast interview “How to Use Your Leadership Superpowers“, on Funnel Radio, with Jim Obermeyer.