Ready to Become a Population Health Analytics Competitor?

Ready to Become a Population Health Analytics Competitor?

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The healthcare industry generally recognizes the need for population health management. It has the potential to save lives, improve health and save money. A key component of population health management is analytics. But, as widely accepted as the need for population health management is the fact that most don’t know where to start. A survey of healthcare executives by Stoltenberg Consulting revealed that 41% of respondents identified data analytics and business intelligence as a priority for the year 2015. The problem is that 84% of them have questions about where to start their implementation efforts.

The book, Competing on Healthcare Analytics: The Foundational Approach to Population Health Analytics will help. Competing on Healthcare Analytics is a practical guide to implementing population health analytics. The book makes a clear argument for how a healthcare analytics initiative should be implemented using a foundational approach. This book includes:

  • A detailed healthcare transformation model which tracks the progression of analytics to become an “Analytics Focused” healthcare organization;
  • A discussion of the value of using the foundational approach;
  • Research studies performed with healthcare organization participants supporting the approach;
  • A healthcare organization readiness assessment;
  • An implementation roadmap with critical success factors.

The book is packed with over 100 pages of advice along and over 30 full-color diagrams. Healthcare organizations should re-assess their approach to implementing population health analytics after reading this Competing on Healthcare Analytics.

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