Rethinking Leadership Development Utilizing a Personalized Approach

Rethinking Leadership Development Utilizing a Personalized Approach

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With the rate of change occurring in healthcare, today’s leaders must be well-versed in all aspects of the practice of leadership. Previous studies undertaken by the Healthcare Center of Excellence (HCOE) have indicated that leadership is the top challenge to many aspects of healthcare transformation. Managing this changing environment will require leaders to elevate their staff and organization to navigate the new maze that is healthcare. The rate of change and expectations will only expose any leadership deficiencies.

For years, leaders and aspiring leaders have been told that the way to become a better leader is to accumulate a certain amount of “leadership skills”. Unfortunately, top academic organizational leadership programs approach leadership study as a journey where aspiring leaders discover themselves as they develop their personal leadership philosophy and are provided ongoing mentoring throughout the program. The HCOE sought to apply a similar approach while incorporating a tool to measure leadership improvement in a program designed to increase leadership awareness, assess leadership potential and encourage leadership practice.

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