Featured Elite Leader – Larry Quinlan, Former Global CIO of Deloitte

Featured Elite Leader – Larry Quinlan, Former Global CIO of Deloitte

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“Mentoring may not be a formal relationship but may be more natural and instinctive.”
–  Larry Quinlan, Former Global CIO of Deloitte

I’m happy to have Larry’s insights return for my second book on leadership. We met at an ITSMF meeting several years ago. He held the Global CIO position at Deloitte for over 11 years and has always been very forthcoming with his time as he managed challenges all around the globe. Thanks for your leadership insights Larry and enjoy your upcoming retirement.

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Meeting the Leadership G.O.A.T., Ken Blanchard

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Honored to meet the leadership G.O.A.T. Ken Blanchard at the San Diego Leadership Forum Summit this morning. I read Ken’s first book, “The One Minute Manager” in 1982. He has since authored or co-authored 60 books, mostly on or related to leadership.

I wanted to meet Ken since I learned The Ken Blanchard Companies was based here in San Diego, but COVID hit and I waited to reach out to him. I got the chance to meet him this morning and am looking forward to further discussions and sharing my upcoming leadership book with him. Thanks for your great remarks during the summit. It’s something we all need to hear more of today.

Leadership Superpowers: Discovering and Mastering Yours

In case you haven’t noticed, we are in the middle of this year’s superhero movie releases. Three movies have been released through April, with 3 more on the horizon to be released before the end of the summer. These movies capture our imaginations and entertain us with ever-improving special effects and the time old story of good versus bad. One of the most interesting storylines is the hero’s origin story where they discover what superpowers they have and learn how to master or control them.

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